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Year Movie/Show (engl.) Movie/Show (dt.) Role
1977 Contract on Cherry Street (TV)

aka Stakeout on Cherry Street

1979 The Legend of the Golden Gun (TV)
1979 And your Name is Jonah (TV) Dickie
1979 From Here to Eternity

(TV Mini-Serie)

Guard Wache
1980 Rage (TV)
1980 Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story Hubbard
1981 The Gangster Chronicles

(TV Serie)

Vito Genovese
1984 City Heat City Heat: Der Bulle und der Schnüffler Nino
1985 The Goonies Die Goonies Jake Fratelli
1986 Raw Deal Der City Hai Max Keller
1987 Wild Thing Asphalt Kid Chopper
1988 Traxx Traxx: Scharfe Waffen, heiße Kekse Pate Aldo Palucci
1988 Terrorist on Trail: The United States vs. Salim Ajami (TV)

In the Hand of the Enemy (Video)

Salim Ajami
1988 Hostile Witness
1988 Die Hard Stirb Langsam FBI Agent Johnson
1988 Action Jackson Action Jackson Tony Moretti
1989 James Bond: Licence to Kill James Bond: Lizenz zum Töten Franz Sanchez
1990 Predator II Predator II Heinemann
1990 Peacemaker Peacemaker Seargant Ramos
1990 Maniac Cop 2 Maniac Cop 2 Sean McKinney
1990 Deceptions Mörderische Verführung Jack "Harley" Kessler
1991 White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd Lucky Luciano
1991 Under Surveillance D.O.G. - Verbotene Tricks Frank
1991 Legal Tender

aka Lady Game (GB)

Dead Instinct: Leidenschaft ohne Ende "Fix" Cleary
1992 Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue Wilde Orchidee 2 Sully
1992 The Taking of Beverly Hills Boomer: Überfall auf Hollywood Robert Masterson
1992 Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence Maniac Cop 3 Sean McKinney
1992 Illicit Behavior

aka Mode

Tödliche Intrigen Lt. Matt Walker
1992 Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Christopher Columbus: Der Entdecker Martin Pinzon
1992 Center of the Web Richard Morgan
1992 Amazon Reise ins Herz der Finsternis Dan
1992 Son of the Pink Panther Der Sohn des rosaroten Panthers Hans
1993 Quick Blonder Todesengel Matthew Davenport
1993 The November Men Robert Davi
1993 Night Trap

aka Mardi Gras for the Devil

Night Trap

(Mardi Gras des teufels)

Mike Turner
1994 No Contest Countdown des Todes Crane
1994 Delta of Venus The Collector
1994 The Dangerous Billy Davalos
1994 Cops and Robbersons Cops and Robbersons - Das haut den stärksten Bullen um Horace Osborne
1994 Blind Justice Alacran
1995 Showgirls Showgirls Al Torres
1995 Codename. Silencer

aka Body Count

Codename: Silencer Eddie Cook
1995 Cyber Vengeance
1996 Dogfighters

aka The Zone

Zone 99 - The Nuclear Target Rowdy Welles
1996 An Occasional Hell

aka Dangerous Hell

Trooper Abbott
1996 Profiler Profiler FBI Agent Bailey Malone
1997 For Which He Stands Carlito
1997 The Beneficiary Gil Potter

Other Appearances:
Year Movie/Show (engl.) Movie/Show (dt.) Role
11-15-78 Charlie´s Angels

"Mother Angel"

Drei Engel für Charlie

"Nicht nochmal, Sam!"

11-04-82 Hill Street Blues

"Stan the Man"

Polizeirevier Hill Street
1982 St. Elsewhere

"Legionnaires: Part 2"

"Samuels and the Kid"

10-02-82 T. J. Hooker

"Second Chance"

T. J. Hooker

"Das Messer des Matrosen"

? T. J. Hooker

"Exercise in Murder"

T. J. Hooker

"Rettung per Video"

10-29-82 The Power of Matthew Star

"The Italian Caper"

01-29-83 Bring ´Em Back Alive

"The Shadow Woman of Chung Tai"

Frank Buck
03-02-83 The Fall Guy Scar De Bond
11-27-84 The A-Team

"Sheriffs of Rivertown"

Das A-Team

"Die Auferstehung des toten Ingenieurs"


"Million Dollar Misunderstanding"

1985 The Equalizer


Mike Rigert
04-28-88 L.A. Law


L.A. Law
1989 Wiseguy

"The Maffia Arc"

Allein gegen die Maffia Albert Cerrico
1991 FBI: The Untold Stories


Donnie Brasco / Joe Pistone
The Bad Pack

(Shown at Cannes)

1995 VR.5

"Simon´s Choice"

Simon Buchanan
Early May, 1997 Crook and Chase


Late May, 1997 Indy 500 Parade

(Shown on TV)



One flew over the cuckoo´s nest

Three penny opera

George Washington slept here