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Hi Dear Robert Davi Fans !

That´s me, Silke - your president of the "Official Robert Davi Fan Club" (ORDFC or RDFC).
I´m living in Germany, but my Fan Club is working for all countries.


best known as a "bad guy" in "James Bond: Licence to Kill" and some other movies
playing now in NBC´s "Profiler" a "good guy".
In private life he is a very charming and very nice man.
Many fans and I mean he should have a Fan Club, now here it is!!!

The international "Official Robert Davi Fan Club"!

This club is personal authorizied from Robert Davi!!!

We are welcome Linda - our 50th member!!!

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Robert Davi

Robert Davi´s biographical information

NBC Promo Shot 3rd season

Robert Davi as "Bailey Malone"


It really isn't surprising that Robert Davi names Giacomo Puccini's Tosca as one of his favorite operas. In fact, the great master of Verismo was ever present in the Davi house. Born on June 26 1953 in Astora, Queens, he grew up in an all-Italian family, but it was his mother Maria's love for music and old movies that inspred him most.

At age five, the family moved to Long Island. After primary school, he went to Seaton Hall, a Catholic High School where he was a school standout in football and baseball. Always interested in performing, he had his first stage appearance in school production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The legends goes that one day, he was overheard singing in the locker room by a nun walking by outside and, aware of his natural talent, she encouraged him to go into music.

After he lost 40 pounds to a mysterious illness at age 16, - miraculously healed - he dropped out of sports and from now on focused on singing and acting. He won statewide opera singing competitions, went to Florence, Italy, and studied with the renowned baritone Tito Gobbi. At age 19 he had his debut with the Long Island Lyric Opera in Garden City, New York.

He attended Hofstra University on a drama scholarship and began working with its famous Shakespeare program, but left Hofstra before graduating. 

He moved to Manhattan and made a living on jobs as pretzel vendor, telephone order clerk, waiter, fruit and vegetable stand vendor, and worker at a stuffed animal factory. He lived in a cheap railroad flat on East 171st Street, took classes at Juilliard School and finally worked his way into Stella Adler's actors' studio. He also studied with Lee Strasberg while he was already regularly performing on stage in plays such as The Cherry Orchard and The Seagull, Much Ado About Nothing and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

His persistence gained him a part alongside Frank Sinatra in Contact on Cherry Street while his personal live was overshadowed by the death of his parents, his sister, and two of his grandparents between 1977 and 1979. Permanently moved to L.A., he one day met actress Jeri McBride at 20th Century Fox. They married, and in 1980 their son Sean-Christian was born.

In the 80ies, he worked his way through guest spots in numerous TV series and movies like The Goonies, and Raw Deal (with Arnold Schwarzenegger). Rugged features and an impressive figure made him the perfect cliche bad guy for Hollywood. A major role was overdue when he landed the part of a Palestinian terrorist in the TV movie Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami. He made quite an impression and finally had his international breakthrough in the James Bond film Licence to Kill as Bond villain “Franz Sanchez”. 

Around that time, he met supermodel Christine Bolster, the original model for Guess Jeans, at a party at Mickey Rourke's house. Later, at a photo shooting for GQ magazine, he bumped into her again. They married, and the couple now has two girls, Ariana and Francis.

He had to wait until Profiler to make the transition from screen villain to good guy. It may surprise that off screen he is a real fun guy and infamous for his pranks on set. In fact he has, as he had put it himself once, a "pretty interesting sense of humor".

He keeps fit by working out, boxing and "running after [his] kids". He usually spends the summer holidays with his family at their house in Southern France. When he finds time in between work, he ejoyes scuba diving, horseback riding, motorcycling, coaching his girls' softball team, sketching, reading, and a good cigar.

made by isis_whit TPA-The Profiler Archive

Name: Robert Davi
Born: 26. June 1951
Astoria, Long Island, New York
Marital Status: married
Wife Christine Bolster
Children: One Son Sean Christopher
Two Daughters Ariana and Frances
Twins: Daughter Isabella Rose and son Nicholas Edward (since January 11, 2001)
Southern California
Hobbies/Favorites: riding his two Harley-Davidson motorcycles
good cigars (favorite "Cohiba" and "Montecristo No. 2")
good wine (favorite red wine)
watching old movies
collecting classical and modern art
writing (has co-written a script called "Dukes of Melrose")
spending time with friends and family
singing (favourite opera)
working out at gym
his own production company "Sunline Films"

He has a Tattoo on his left biceps. It is a piece of the Sistine Cathedral.
Favourite Actors: Humphrey Bogart
Lee Marvin
Charles Bronson
Richard Boone
Robert Mitchum
Favourite Movies: The Children of Paradise
A Bout de Souffle
Pierre de Fon

After his singing was overheard in a locker room in the eighth grade, a nun recommended to his mother that he become more involved in opera. Soon he was winning statewide opera-singing contests, and went to study with opera great Tito Gobbi in Florence, Italy. At age 19 Robert made his debut with the Long Island Lyric Opera.

Robert attended Hofra University on a drama scholarship in the early 70´s , leaving shortly before obtaining his degree to work as a waiter in New York City. He took some classes at Julliard. Robert aggressively sought acting work while he study with Stella Adler (who was also once a mentor to Marlon Brando) and Actors Studio (with Lee Strasberg).

In 1978, his career got a boost when he was cast in a leading role opposite Frank Sinatra in the NBC movie "Contact on Cherry Street". After the movie was completed, Davi remained in Los Angeles and appeared in the miniseries "From Here to Eternity", while racking up credits in such films as "Goonies", "Raw Deal", "Wild Thing" and "Die Hard".

In the 1990s, Davi´s feature films included "Predator II", "Cops and Robbersons", "Wild Orchid II", "Son of the Pink Panther", "Christopher Columbus: The Discovery", Dogfighters" and many more.

His best known movie is "James Bond: Licence to kill". Here he played the drug czar Franz Sanchez. Not only in this movie Robert plays the "bad guy". In the most of his movies he played "bad guys", but his "bad guys" was not only bad.

Robert also appeared in TV-series: "L.A. Law", "Hill Street Blues", "Wiseguy" (3 or 4 episodes), "Charlie´s Angels" and more.

Now Robert get a chance to be a "good guy".

He plays the FBI Agent Bailey Malone in NBC´s primetime serie "Profiler". He can show us his sensitive side.

"Bailey is compassionate, dedicated and committed to truth and honesty, which I strongly relate to," says Robert.


Robert has made 4 audio books, please look here for order:

The Greatest Mystery Stories of the 20th Century [UNABRIDGED]
The Children´s Shakespeare
The Phantom of Manhattan [UNABRIDGED]

all are avilable on Poor Yorick Shakespeare Multi-Media Catalogue or

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The picture is taken from Paul´s "Robert Davi - an overdue tribute" site.
Thank you, Paul for this very nice video cover picture! I love it!


Year Title Character
2011 (post-Production) Swamp Shark Sheriff Watson
2011 (post-Production) Doonby Sheriff Woodley
2011 Spring Break ´83 Dean Whitter
2011 Kill the Irishman Ray Ferrito
2010 Game of Death Smith
2010 Criminal Minds: Ep.: Our Darkest Hour Det. Marc Kurzbard
2010 Criminal Minds: Ep.: Longest Night Det. Adam Kurzbard
2010 Nip Tuck: Ep.: Christian´s Dad Christian Troy II
2010 Magic Dr. Robert Ortero
2010 Pool Boys Robert Davi/himself
2009 Magic Man Simpson
2009 One in the Gun Vincent
2008 An American Carol Aziz
2008 Magic Dr. David Ortero
2008 Spring Break '83 Dean Whitter
2007 The Butcher Murdoch
2007 Halo 3 Shipmaster
2007 The Dukes Danny
2006 Scarface: The World Is Yours
2005 In the Mix Fish
2005 Breaking Vegas Narrator
2005 The Plot to Kill Nixon Narrator
2004 Halo 2 SpecOps Leader
2004 Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss Ivan Nagy
2003 One Last Ride Father
2002 Hitters Nick
2002 The Hot Chick ???
2001 The 4th Tenor ???
2001 Soulkeeper Mallion
2001 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Merlin
1999 The James Bond Story (TV) Franz Sanchez (uncredited)
My Little Assassin (TV) Frank Sturgis
Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? (TV) Narrator
1998 L.A. Without a Map Himself
The Bad Pack McQue
1997 The Beneficiary (TV) Gil Potter
1996 Absolute Aggression R. D. Crowley
An Occasional Hell Trooper Abbott
"Profiler" (TV Series) Special Agent Bailey Malone
For Which He Stands Carlito Escalara
Codename: Silencer aka Body Count Eddie Cook
1995 Cyber Vengeance R. D. Crowley
The Zone aka The Dogfighters Rowdy Welles
Delta of Venus The Collector
Showgirls Al Torres
1994 Blind Justice aka Canaan's Way Alacran
The Dangerous Billy Davalos
In the Hands of the Enemy
No Contest Crane
Cops and Robbersons Osborn
1993 Night Trap aka Mardi Gras for the Devil Mike Turner
The November Men Robert Davi (uncredited)
Quick aka Crossfire Davenport
Son of the Pink Panther Hans
1992 Center of the Web Richard Morgan
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Martin Pinzon
Illicit Behavior aka Criminal Intent Lt. Matt Walker
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence Det. Sean McKinney
Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue Sully
The Taking of Beverly Hills Robert Masterson
1991 Legal Tender Fix Cleary
Under Surveillance aka Ladies Game
White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd (TV) Lucky Luciano
1990 Peacemaker Sergeant Ramos
Amazon Dan
Predator 2 Captain Phil Heinemann
Maniac Cop 2 Sean McKinney
Deceptions (TV) Jack "Harley" Kessler
1989 Licence to Kill Franz Sanchez
1988 Action Jackson Tony Moretti
Hostile Witness
Traxx Aldo Palucci
Die Hard Big Johnson
Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami (TV) Salim Ajami
1987 Wild Thing Chopper
1986 Raw Deal aka Triple Identity Max
1985 The Goonies Jake Fratelli
1984 City Heat Nino
1981 "The Gangster Chronicles" (TV Series) Vito Genovese
1980 Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (TV) Hubbard
Rage! (TV) Resident #1
1979 The Legend of the Golden Gun (TV) Quantrill
"From Here to Eternity" (TV mini Series) Guard
And Your Name Is Jonah (TV) Dickie
1977 Contract on Cherry Street (TV) Mickey Sinardos

Notable TV Guest Appearances

Air Date Series Title Episode Title Character
2006 "Stargate: Atlantis" Irresponsible Commander Acastus Kolya
2006 "Stargate: Atlantis" Common Ground Commander Acastus Kolya
2005 "Stargate: Atlantis" The Brotherhood Commander Acastus Kolya
2004 "Stargate: Atlantis" The Eye Commander Acastus Kolya
2004 "Stargate: Atlantis" The Storm Commander Acastus Kolya
2006 "Huff" Which Lip Is the Cervical Lip? Dickens
2004 "Karen Sisco" No One's Girl Denton
2/5/2000 "The Pretender" "Spin  Doctor" (episode # 4.10) Special Agent Bailey Malone
5/8/1999 "The Pretender" "End Game" (episode # 3.19) Special Agent Bailey Malone
2/20/1999 "Batman Beyond" "Heroes" (episode # 1.6) Magma/Dr. Mike Morgan (voice)
1995 "VR.5" "Simon's Choice" Simon Buchanan
"FBI: The Untold Stories" "Undercover" Donnie Brasco/Joe Pistone
1989 "Wiseguy"  "The Maffia Arc" Albert Cerrico
4/28/1988 "L.A. Law" "Leapin' Lizards" (episode # 2.19) Dominic Simonetti
1/29/1986 "The Equalizer"  "Wash-Up" (episode # 1.16) Michael Riegert
11/27/1984 "The A-Team" "Sheriffs of Rivertown" (episode # 3.10) Boyle
11/14/1984 "The Fall Guy" "Dead Bounty" (episode # 4.8) Dan Kowal
5/15/1984 "Hart to Hart" "Always, Elisabeth" (episode # 5.21) Tony Bairos
1/28/1984 "T.J. Hooker" "Exercise in Murder" (episode # 3.42) Tom Warfield
3/2/1983 "The Fall Guy" "The Molly Sue" (episode # 2.17) Scar De Bond
12/14/1982 "St. Elsewhere" "Legionnaires: Part 2" (episode # 1.6)
11/30/1982 "St. Elsewhere" "Samuels and the Kid" (episode # 1.4)
11/4/1982 "Hill Street Blues" "Stan the Man" (episode # 3.6) Stan Maizel
9/25/1982 "T.J. Hooker" "Second Chance" (episode # 2.6) Joseph Picartus
1982 "Bring 'Em Back Alive" "The Shadow Women of Chung Tai" 
"Dynasty" (episode # 1.4)
10/19/1979 "The Incredible Hulk" "The Slam" (episode # 3.4) Mr. Rader
10/1/1979 "Lou Grant" "Slammer" (episode # 3.3) Hector
"Trapper John, M.D." "Licensed to Kill" (episode # 1.11)
11/15/1978 "Charlie's Angels" "Mother Angel" (episode # 3.10) Ritchie


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